What is a Work Team?

Work Teams

The MMWT Foundation has extensive experience in guiding and facilitating what are known as Work Teams. Such a team typically consists of six to ten volunteers who not only want to conduct fundraising activities for one of the projects at Embangweni Hospital but also wish to actively participate in Malawi.

The Work Team travels to Embangweni Hospital for approximately two weeks. During their stay, the volunteers reside in close proximity to the construction project and work alongside Malawian builders on a daily basis. This experience in Malawi is unforgettable. Volunteers engage closely with local builders and the healthcare system in Malawi. The connections made with the local population are lifelong.

The travel and accommodation expenses for Work Teams are covered by the volunteers themselves. The proceeds from the fundraising activities are used to purchase necessary building materials and to pay the wages of Malawian builders. Note: on average, the construction projects provide employment for about 30 builders for 10 months!

Work Teams receive support from the MMWT Foundation. An extensive team guide is available, and the foundation arranges local accommodation for the Work Teams. Local reception and guidance for the teams are provided by Piet and Estelle du Plessis. They reside as volunteers representing the MMWT Foundation in Embangweni and oversee and supervise all projects.

Our Work Teams

Jongerenteam Houten 2022

In juli 2022 is na 2 jaar wachten vanwege de coronapandemie team van jongeren uit Houten tussen 18 en 23 jaar in Malawi aan het werk

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Ladies team Houten 2018

In 2018 is een groep vrouwen uit Houten in Malawi geweest. Het ultieme bewijs dat een Workteam voor iedereen toegankelijk

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Family team Nunspeet 2019

Ook van buiten Houten zijn er geregeld mensen actief die zich via een workteam inzetten voor

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