2022 Visit: Goodbye to Piet and Estelle, new surgical Ward!


At the end of October 2022, a delegation from the board went to Embangweni. A memorable moment: Not only has the operating room been delivered, but Piet and Estelle Du Plessis have also said goodbye (more about this in another news item).

We are amazed and grateful how much work they have done and that they have succeeded in preparing not only the operating room in terms of construction, but also the ablution block!

The handover of the operating theater was celebrated with the management team of Embangweni and a delegation from the CCAP Synod (the church organization that manages the hospitals).
In the coming years, Embangweni Hospital is not only expected to be able to treat more patients thanks to the work of MMWT and the improved facilities, it is also planned that 1 of the 3 operating theaters will be set up as a training room for doctors from all over Malawi and beyond.


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